Working with Office documents

According to a study conducted in the UK, smartphones were used to serve other purposes rather than talking. According to the results of research conducted by UK-based GSM operator O2, smartphones are now used for many different purposes than talking.2 thousand people were interviewed in the research, according to the answers received in response to the questions asked by the list of transactions made by telephone, even the first 3 people do not have room. The surveyed users spend an average of 25 minutes a day entering the internet with their smart phones. This is followed by 17 minutes to check their social media accounts, 14 minutes to play, 15 minutes to listen to music and 12 minutes to talk on the phone.According to the research, users who spend 11 minutes on the phone to e-mail follow-up, and only 10 minutes for messaging. Applications like Polaris Office are now almost standard on both cheap and expensive smartphones. It is even possible to use Microsoft Office directly on Windows-based phones.

Working with office documents.Unfortunately, the Galaxy S III does not have an office application running at full capacity. In other words, it is not possible to make changes to the documents.Better camera, better grain reduction.The S III’s camera takes great pictures in daylight. Flash photos are among the best pictures on the smartphone market. But when it comes to dark shots without artificial light or flash, the S II is a bit better than the new phone (picture taken with Galaxy S II, left side artificial light, right side bar light).Especially in dark spots, grain increases a lot, and in artificial light the colors are too hot. (Picture taken with Galaxy S III, left side artificial light, right side bar light)

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