The latest release of Google

The latest release of Google’s Android operating system is officially announced at Jelly Bean 4.1 Google I / O event. A lot of innovations brought to the new version was presented to users. Jelly Bean 4.1 was naturally first used on Google’s Nexus tablets. After the tablets in July, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola Xoom, Jelly Bean devices will be working with. It seems that Google has recently given priority to updating Motorola. Later, Motorola smartphones are expected to meet Jelly Bean before other brands. Androd Jelly Bean 4.1 comes with many innovations. With the release of this release we hope Ice Cream Sandwich will become more stable and smoother.

Android users are looking forward to meeting Jelly Bean with enthusiasm and curiosity. Before the update we present you Jelly Bean wallpapers. Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers with different wallpapers are waiting for you. Offering high performance in professional business applications, the ASUS ProArt PA90 offers a seamless and fast working environment, even in applications with high system requirements. ProArt monitors, on the other hand, meet the requirements of the industry with the standards they support and become the solution partner of professionals. Providing exceptional business performance, ASUS’s ProArt series stands out as a powerful platform for millions of video editors, 3D animators, photographers, colorists and other content producers who want top-notch performance.

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