The giant popular video site Youtube made

The giant popular video site Youtube made its biggest change so far last year and displayed its new design focused on subscriptions via channels to provide users with the content they trust and want. Six months have passed since this change, the same change will eventually be seen in the Android app.The new update will only be available for Android 4.0 and above. With the new channels interface, this app will allow you to search and add different subscriptions. Another innovation is that the application now supports “preloading”. When this feature is available, your latest subscriptions and İzle Watch Later list lists will automatically be uploaded over Wi-Fi, and you’ll now have the chance to watch your desired video as soon as you open it.

Whether these new updates will come to other Android versions and iOS, Google responded; “Overall, we aim to bring this channel-driven experience to all platforms.” The event was attended by professional names from the world of photography and production. The event also featured experiences with the PA90 Mini PC and high-end ProArt monitors with high color gamut.

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