One of the oldest companies in the world

ATARİ, one of the oldest companies in the world, which we have given you the news of the anniversary of birth, has come up with a new surprise today. Legendary company of the years, has a great place in our lives. The company, which has become a classic with its game consoles and old games, offers 100 free games for iOS!As we know, we have been able to download and play the first arcade games, which were played by older generations, in the App Store in recent years. The period of paying a high amount of money for them is a little behind.

Classic game lovers to invest dollars, ATARİ’nin offered for a short time campaign is not needed. If you want to download the ‘Greatest Hits’ package for 10 dollars for free and enjoy the games on your iOS device, click here!Stating that PA90 is highly productive in the field of video post production, Colorist and Director of Photography Arda Yıldıran said, boyunca During my test period, I was attracted my attention with its durability and stability. It stands out with its price, design and size. One of the most important issues of today, 4K RAW video playback and editing, we have received high efficiency. We were able to see the colors promised by the Pro Art monitor series, which supports industry-standard color spaces, as a result of our tests. ”

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