If you write a lot of messages with

If you write a lot of messages with your smartphone or do not have enough skills to use with one hand, a new tool called FlyGrip is designed to help you with this. FlyGrip gives you the ease of using one hand when you are writing messages or doing other functions with your phone.
FlyGrip can be mounted on the back of any smartphone. Once the car is mounted on the phone, there is a clip in which your fingers can be inserted for easy operation. When you place your fingers in FlyGrip, you will see them firmly grasping your fingers. This way, you can safely use your phone with one hand while walking and moving on the road.Another benefit of FlyGrip is that it also has a kickstand where you can place videos horizontally and vertically on the desktop. You can buy FlyGrip for 30 dollars in stores with various colors.

At the London press conference the induction charger for the S III was introduced. So it would be possible to charge the phone wirelessly. All it needed was a special back cover.But for some reason, Samsung has not been able to predict the interest that this charger will awaken. It is now mentioned that the device will be available in the USA. However, in the rest of the world, the phone is still sold with a wired charger.Design and material.Galaxy S III, “Created for humans, inspired by nature” was launched with the slogan. We don’t know if there’s a phone that wasn’t created for people, but the nature of it is just a screen saver that makes bubbles. The case is made of a slippery plastic material called polycarbonate.

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