Giant screen and high sound quality with superior

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3, the fast quad-core processor, giant screen and high sound quality with superior features compared to other smartphones. However, despite the superior feature of the smart phone is missing. Samsung has been using the AMOLED Plus display since the Galaxy S2. But why did this phone go back to PenTile Matrix, and why were consumers forced to beta versions of certain features? In this review, we will share some of the missing aspects of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3 and its recommendations.As a feature in the mobile market, Apple’s devices have never been overtaken yet. Eventually Samsung passed Apple and offered different features. However, when the device is carefully examined, some features by the R & D team, the Galaxy S3 was found to be carefully added.

As an example, the Pop-Up Play function was thought to be very impressive when first introduced. With this feature, it is possible to minimize a video with a single click, search the web or check messages, then return to the video with a second click. This beautiful and handy function works extremely well and quickly. But except online videos!For example, if you’re watching something on YouTube, you can’t use this feature. This function only applies to videos you have recorded and viewed on your device.Samsung’s high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S3, is very good in many ways, but most of the new features need to be improved. In addition, some of these features are left unfinished.

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