Baby poops – but dog’s reaction has everyone laughing

This dog’s reaction after the baby poops will cheer you up ! , the dog and the baby were sitting together and mom was filming both of them , luckily for us so when can watch this amazing video.While the mom was filming the baby does something that that the dog was no prepared for.The two got along very well with each other and spend a lot of time together. That’s why Max does not care when Hollis used him as a pillow. He loved being close to his friend.But there are areas where Max draws the line when it comes to Hollis’s friendship. And that line is drawn in poop.

Max made it very clear he did not sign up for this. This adorable little duo is just enjoying a little mid-day nap when the baby does something not-so-cool beyond the age of infancy: He poops in his pants. They say, “If you gotta go, you gotta go” and this child must definitely have to go.

They are hardwired to poop and eat, and sometimes if you are lucky enough they will let you cuddle with them after having gotten a couple of good hours’ sleep. It is the poor dog’s reaction that makes this video so special however, reminding us that even the most commonplace of events can make the funniest of videos.

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