Baby Foxes Show Up At Grandma’s House And Decide To Make Her Porch Their Personal Playground

If you have ever seen a baby fox before, they are some of the most adorable creatures walking the planet. Foxes do tend to be very shy by nature. That’s what makes this woman’s story such a special one. She resides in Illinois and she ended up as the unwitting host to a whole family of foxes!

Vechrotex is the Reddit user who decided to share the story.Reddit user Vechrotex made the internet a better place when he posted photos of two baby foxes playing and having the time of their lives under his grandmother’s porch.Summer time is the best time for baby animals to explore, Vechrotex’s grandmother lives just nearby the woods, so it’s not new for her to see wildanimals in her property.

One day, a curious baby red fox wandered near her house and ran under the porch.Again, Vechrotex received photos of the baby foxes from his grandmother and posted them on Reddit. Some users replied that it looked like a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

According the comments Vechrotex wrote under his posts, mama fox comes often to his grandmother’s house with or without the baby foxes. Even while her babies are at play, their mom is watching closely, letting them enjoy some playtime under the porch until it’s time to go home.

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